Welcome to the terms and conditions that govern the services extended by Oddisey Ltd to our esteemed clients. These terms delineate the contractual arrangement between you, the Client, and Oddisey Ltd, a provider of comprehensive warehouse solutions for fulfillment. This encompasses services such as providing an address, receiving, weighing, processing, packing, and dispatching orders. We urge you to thoroughly review and comprehend these terms, as they delineate the rights and responsibilities of both parties involved. Through the utilization of our services, you are acknowledging and consenting to adhere to these terms and conditions, which have been established for the mutual benefit and seamless operation of our delivery services.


  • "Client" refers to an individual or a representative of a business entity who engages in the purchase or acquisition of goods through the services provided by Oddisey Ltd.
  • "Goods" encompass the tangible items or products purchased or handled within the context of the provided services.
  • "Virtual Address" denotes the address provided by Oddisey Ltd for clients using our services, particularly in the context of the "virtual address" service.
  • "Warehouse" refers to the designated facility utilized by Oddisey Ltd for the storage, handling, and processing of clients' goods.
  • "Profile" pertains to the individualized account or representation of the client on the Oddisey Ltd website, which includes relevant information for service utilization.
  • "UK Export Administration Regulations" signifies the regulatory framework governing the export of certain goods and technologies from the United Kingdom, as stipulated by relevant authorities.


  • Oddisey Ltd is tasked with dispatching goods to a customer's specified address. However, it is important to note that Oddisey Ltd holds no responsibility for issues, delays, or damages to parcels incurred during transit through postal services, including but not limited to Parcelforce, DHL, or others.
  • Our comprehensive service encompasses the procurement, acceptance, inspection, packing, and dispatch of goods to customers. The service cost varies based on the client's selected service type, and deliveries are not made to P.O. Box addresses.
  • Clients utilizing the "virtual address" service are required to furnish Oddisey Ltd with a copy of their passport and proof of payment for the ordered goods.
  • For clients using the "virtual address" service, all vendor packages must be directed to our warehouse, bearing the client's name. When sending goods to customers through the "virtual address" service, the name and address specified in the client's profile on the Oddisey Ltd site must be used.
  • It is imperative to highlight that Oddisey Ltd refrains from providing services to any individual or entity directly or indirectly associated with financing, commissioning, or supporting terrorist activities. Additionally, we do not extend services to those involved in the development or production of nuclear, chemical, biological weapons, or missile technology programs, as stipulated in the U.K. Export Administration Regulations.
  • Oddisey Ltd does not provide a warehouse pick-up service for clients or their representatives.
  • Customers are required to make all payments using their own credentials and payment details. The payer's name must be provided and will be registered through the Oddisey Ltd website. Oddisey Ltd retains the right to withhold any customer goods in the warehouse for up to 45 days, awaiting payment security clearance. Should Oddisey Ltd discover fraudulent purchases, such as those made using a stolen credit card, the goods will be promptly returned to the seller, and the customer account will be closed.
  • Please note that, in compliance with local legislation, we are unable to accept payments originating from Crimea, Sudan, Iran, South Sudan, North Korea, Syria, Cuba or Russia
  • The customer authorizes and agrees that Oddisey Ltd has the right to open and repack any of their parcels to verify their content and quantity. Additionally, parcels may be opened for practical reasons, such as checking for damages or repackaging.
  • All information and data supplied by clients to Oddisey Ltd is confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties, except when such information is requested by the UK government agencies.
  • Customers are advised not to amend surname and/or first name on their Odissey Ltd profile online, except in case when the name has undergone legal change. Any client wishing to change surname and/or first name on the site must provide Oddisey Ltd with copies of documents certifying the change of surname and/or first name.
  • Oddisey Ltd reserves the right to cancel a client’s account or to reject any order for security reasons or any other reasons. All the money MONIES that the customer has in credit will be returned to the client, less the transaction commission fee. When a client closes an account, (COMMA) Oddisey Ltd. reimburses the client outstanding arrears if any.
  • Oddisey Ltd clients cannot be under 18 years of age.
  • These rules are subject to change without notifying clients.
  • By agreeing to these rules, the client makes Oddisey Ltd their legal agents and representatives for any transactions reflected in the orders that are made through a customer PROFILE using the Oddisey Ltd online order forms.

Fraud prevention

Oddisey Ltd is committed to employing reasonable best efforts in preventing any fraudulent use of its services. The company diligently works to thwart credit card fraud and promptly cancels any accounts involved in such activities, returning the merchandise to the respective merchant. Oddisey Ltd implements measures, such as requesting copies of identification and credit cards, to safeguard against fraud. Customers of Oddisey Ltd bear sole responsibility for accurately providing all information required by UK laws and regulations, including details on the value of goods or export classification of merchandise. Additionally, customers are accountable for maintaining all records as mandated under UK law.

Custom Inspection:

  • Specific regulations apply to shipments to Russia as of 15.03.2022. The sanction list can be found by following this link. Legislation, Government
  • Within the "Delivery" section, you'll discover an updated list of sanctioned items that are approved for shipment to Russia. Failing to adhere to these regulations could result in potential legal repercussions.
  • Consignments addressed outside the EU undergo customs clearance. Clients are responsible for providing necessary information and documentation if requested by customs authorities.

Claims and Liability

  • Each parcel includes limited coverage. Fragile items, like vases, ceramics, glass, TVs, phones, and other delicate items, are not covered. Additional insurance only applies to lost parcels.
  • Courier collection services between the UK and EU lack insurance protection. Should you require such coverage, please get in touch with us.
  • For overseas service (delivery to the required destination), each parcel is insured for USD 100. If you need higher insurance to cover the total value of the contents, select this option using our website's booking system. Note that this insurance costs 5% of the total insured amount. Enhanced insurance covers solely loss of a parcel, not damage, and is valid only upon full payment for the service.
  • To comply with insurance requirements, carefully inspect the parcel's contents when signing with the post office representative. Fill out the form in conjunction with the delivery company's representative or postman. Failure to do so will impede the processing of claims.
  • Proof of the lost goods' value is necessary for every loss claim. Claims for damaged, lost, or delayed deliveries will be rejected in certain circumstances such as Acts of God, consequences of war, insufficient packaging, or absence of shipping labels.
  • Submitting a claim form is mandatory for claim investigation; otherwise, the claim will be considered invalid.
  • Claims for lost or damaged items might take up to 3 months to investigate.
  • Claims for late delivery are not accepted unless they exceed 60 days

Applicable Law

  • This agreement shall be interpreted in compliance with the laws of England, and any disputes arising from this Agreement shall fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

Personal information

  • By utilizing our delivery service and entrusting Oddisey Ltd with the shipment of parcels, the Client voluntarily agrees to the collection, storage, transfer, disposal, and processing of personal and confidential information.


Oddisey Ltd exclusively offers services related to the purchase, reception, inspection, packing, and dispatch of goods to our customers. As we do not engage in the sale of goods directly, we do not entertain any requests for refunds, returns, or cancellations of our service.

Prohibited Items

Oddisey Ltd strictly prohibits the shipment of the following items in international packages:

Additionally, the following items are prohibited:

  • Firearms, signal guns, air guns, gas arms, ammunition, cold steel arms (including throwing weapons), electric shock devices and spark gaps, as well as major parts of a firearm.
  • Narcotics of any origin, psychotropic substances.
  • Radioactive substances.
  • Gunpowder, explosive, corrosive, flammable, and other hazardous substances.
  • Drugs, food supplements, vitamins.
  • Animals and plants.
  • Food, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes.
  • Human remains and organs.
  • Antiques
  • Jewelry, precious metals and stones.
  • Works of art.
  • Cash and cash instruments in any form: money orders, checks, vouchers, securities, bonds, coupons, promotions, credit cards.
  • Postage stamps.
  • Products and publications of obscene content, pornography of any kind.
  • Items prohibited by the World Association of Transport.
  • Items that may pose a risk to workers transporting parcels, soil, or damage other items and equipment by their nature or packaging.

Additional restrictions for packages shipped by air:

  • Bengal lights and fireworks.
  • Gases in any package, including pepper and tear gases.
  • Flammable liquids, perfumes, colognes, nail polishes, etc.
  • Any fuel and empty containers from it.
  • All paints and their solvents.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Corrosion inhibitors.
  • Pipe cleaners.
  • Oxygen-rich substances.
  • Containers with aerosols.
  • Cylinders for scuba diving.
  • Tanks for propane.
  • CO2 tanks.
  • Arms and ammunition.
  • Gunpowder.
  • Dry ice.
  • Tools that run on fuel.
  • Lighters and their fillings.
  • Matches
  • Rechargeable batteries, power supplies, batteries.
  • Alcohol-based agents, perfumes, nail polishes, and hair.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Absorbers and other used spare parts or those containing lubricating fluids and materials.
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