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You can buy the items you`re interested in yourself by using the virtual address service or sending it to us for redemption.

1. How to Buy Yourself

You can buy items yourself by using the virtual address service. When making a purchase, provide your First and Last Name and the Client ID you received upon registration. When the store ships the order, they will send you a tracking number, which you should enter on our website in the "Proceed Virtual Order" section. The warehouse will process the receipt, notify you of the order`s arrival, and upon your request, send the package to you.
Shopping to the Virtual Address is FREE.

2. How to Buy with Our Team

If you find it difficult to make a purchase yourself, you can send the order to us for redemption. You place a standard order, make a prepayment, and then we process the data and send you confirmation of the redemption. With full prepayment, our service costs 0%. Except for a few stores.
You can find more detailed information in the "Services" section.

The most popular type of delivery to Ukraine is:

Meest Express

Address delivery or Meest Express warehouse delivery, calculated by actual weight. Price is £2.30 per kg, minimum cost is £5.

Meest Express — Nova Poshta

Delivery to Nova Poshta warehouse, calculated by actual weight.
Price is £2.40 per kg, minimum cost is £5.

The most popular type of delivery to Russia is:

Russian Post

Delivery to all regions and cities to the nearest Russian Post office, calculated by actual weight. Minimum cost is £22.50.
For more detailed information on delivery and other methods, you can find in the "Delivery" section.

Delivery cost depending on weight (Russian Post)

Weight (kg)Cost (£)Weight (kg)Cost (£)

Calculate Delivery Cost

For prices to other countries, inquire directly with us or review in the "Delivery" section.

Please note that our 0% redemption has exceptions for certain stores.

It`s Convenient with Us

We will take care of purchasing and delivering the product.

It`s Beneficial with Us

We will take care of purchasing the product and its delivery.

  • Shopping in England

    You get the opportunity to shop in UK stores yourself; just provide our warehouse address.

  • Access to Brands

    Access a variety of products from popular UK stores such as Asda George, Next, H&M, Clarks, Decathlon, Sportsdirect, etc.

  • Assistance with Payment

    If you`re not always able to make payments yourself, we`re happy to assist and place the order for you.

  • Stay Fashionable

    Stay informed about the latest fashion trends and best discounts! Subscribe to our newsletter and receive notifications about upcoming sales and promotions.

  • Useful Communication

    Participate in our forum, engage in discussions, form groups for collective purchasing from UK stores.

  • Save on Delivery

    You save on delivery costs – we offer delivery to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other countries at the most economical prices.


  • Несколько лет отправляю посылки с UkayShopping. Бывали разные ситуации, в них сервис показал себя...
    Elena, Россия, Реутов
    31 March 2024
  • Заказывала через разные склады много лет, могу сказать что эти ребята лучшие!!! Все быстро,четко и понятно. Спасибо...
    IRINA, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
    12 February 2024
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